Food Stall Application

Rock In the Vines - Jimmy Barnes Saturday 4th November 2017

We have an opportunity for “Food Vans” to attend the venue and provide for patrons. We have capped the opportunity to a limit of ten (10) food operators to be in attendance. All will be individually selected so that a range of food varieties are available for patrons and to maximise the potential for the food vendors. Crowd expectation is 5000 patrons. Please note patrons are permitted to bring in there own food however as is the case with most of these concerts the majority of the crowd do not. Stall holders fee is $500. Please apply using the below form. All applications will be reviewed and contacted as soon as possible. 

Name *
Tell us about your food! What do you offer? Approximate price range? What other similar events have you been at? Why should we select you? Sample Menu etc